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The Pinstriped Suit


1) You’re getting paid.

2) If your boss is horrible to work with then it’s very unlikely that you can force them to change. Either deal with it or find a new job.

3) If you’re a professional, then it could be worse. Imagine 8 hours a day of retail instead.

4) Unless you’re a doctor, chances are that your problems and complaints aren’t about saving lives. So take a deep breath and let it go.

5) Don’t define yourself by you career. There is so much more to live for. Focus on building an amazing life in which your career is just one part of it.

6) Your friends are tired of hearing you complain about your job.

7) Although you may be at your job for money, security…etc. no one is keeping you there. You can make a decision today and walk out the door if it’s really…

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Handwritten Letter

Leadership points to ponder for teenagers are just as relevant to adults, especially new leaders, viewed via a father’s letter to a teen.

A Father’s Letter

Today you turn 13 years old. I am amazed at how quickly this time has gone and the next 10 years will fly by as well. Then you will be well into your 20’s, however there is a lot that you will see, hear and be tempted by during this time. Much of it will be wonderful, inspiring and of great benefit to you and how you are seen and interact with others.

There will also be some potential pitfalls and challenges, many of which you will not see coming. That is OK. Our job is not to wrap in you cotton balls or bubble-wrap, protecting you from what are ultimately learning opportunities. Our role is and has always been to help you through…

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Josh Fahler Photography

With a vacation to Korea, an apartment move, and a visiting family member, I didn’t go out to document this year’s Lunar New Year as much as in the past.

With that said, it was a great time of relaxation for me even if it was a bit busy. This time of year always sorts of reignites the spark and excitement of living in Taiwan for me and this was no exception.

Above: Mazu, goddess of the sea, at Cixian Temple, Taipei.

Above: Cherry blossoms on a (very) foggy day at Lion’s Head Mountain (獅頭山).

Above: Temples on the same foggy day at 獅頭山.


Above left: worshippers walk under a lantern for blessings at Longshan Temple, Taipei. Above right: temple lanterns hang at Cixian Temple, Taipei.

Above: temple worshipers gather at Longshan Temple, Taipei.

Above: lanterns hang at Longshan Temple, Taipei.

Above: an incense burner at a temple on Lion’s Head Mountain.

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I am a firm believer that if you have a place for everything…then everything will be in it’s place.  You never have to wonder where something is if it has a specific place that you know you will find it.  For those of us that are riddled with ADD – this is a necessity.  Nothing would be found otherwise.  Ever.

So I’m going to start with my craft room and hopefully inspire you to get your organization on.  Life is blissful when it’s organized.  When it’s not – chaos takes over.  I can’t handle chaos…so I’m a little anal.

The problem I see with organization is that it comes with a price tag most of the time. There are really good cheap alternatives to what I’m showing you…and I’ll try to suggest them as I go along.

First thing is getting some furniture that makes sense for your needs.  I…

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Think and Learn

Successful leaders need to think and learn on a consistent basis. It’s been proven that stress reduces our ability to learn.

Fight or Flight

Our response to stress is born from the “Fight or Flight” response that is critical in danger.  In these types of situations like a car accident, we need the rise in heart rate, blood pressure, and sugar in our system to boost our energy.

This short-time reaction to a short-term situation is not only beneficial, but it is required for survival.

Long-term exposure to the “Fight or Flight” response causes physiological changes that reduce our ability to learn.

The Franklin Institute reported that Robert M. Sapolsky, a Stanford University neuroscientist, showed that “sustained stress can damage the hippocampus, the part of the limbic brain which is central to learning and memory.”

The institute goes on to say this about chronic stress:

“Chronic over-secretion of stress…

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My family circle in Kagoshima,Japan

     Life is so busy that we have no time to spend time together (^_^;) and having them around with us makes our feeling happy and fulfilled (^o^)v


         Iru iro osewa ni natte,本当にありがとうございます!(^o^)v 今年も、宜しくお願い致します!(^з^)-☆